Licensing Information

Author: Claudio S. Ravasio, PhD student at University College London (UCL), research assistant at King’s College London (KCL), supervised by:

  • Dr Christos Bergeles, PI of the Robotics and Vision in Medicine (RViM) lab in the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences (BMEIS) at King’s College London (KCL)

  • Prof Lyndon Da Cruz, consultant ophthalmic surgeon, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London UK

This code is licensed under the MIT License (see the official GNU website).

If you use this code, please acknowledge us with the following citation:

  title={oflibnumpy & oflibpytorch: Optical Flow Handling and Manipulation in Python},
  author={Ravasio, Claudio S and Da Cruz, Lyndon and Bergeles, Christos},
  journal={Journal of Open Research Software (JORS)},
  note={In press}